The City

Making Space for Play

The Entrepreneurs Rebuilding New Orleans

–>Who:  Robbie Vitrano, co-founder of…
–> What:  …Trumpet, Idea Village, and Naked Pizza, talks about the bustling New Orleans entrepreneurial ecosystem that has grown out of a blend of the city’s post-Katrina needs and its cultural legacy of creativity.
–> How: Listen to this interview, learn more about Vitrano’s ventures

Facilitating Independence for Ugandan Motorcycle Taxi Drivers

–>Who: Michael Wilkerson, co-founder and CEO of…
–> What: …Own Your Own Boda, which empowers motorcycle taxi (or boda boda) drivers with financial freedom and sustainability by allowing them to independently own their own motorcycle.
–> How: Listen to this interview, and learn more about Own Your Own Boda.

How the “Disruptive Establishment” is Making American Cities Stronger

–>Who: Ben Hecht, President and CEO of …
–> What: … Living Cities, a twenty-year-old funding collaborative that brings together leading foundations (e.g. Ford  Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation) and financial institutions (e.g. Bank of America and J.P. Morgan Chase) to create economic opportunity for the poor in cities around the nation. Link Vào bong88


Creating Community through Art, Education, Research, and Activism

–>Who: Daniel Tucker, founder of …
–> What: …AREA, a bi-annual publication dedicated to connecting social and cultural movements in Chicago and to exploring the intersection between art, community, and politics. xsmb Xổ số
–> How: Listen to this BenPR interview and learn more about AREA.


Providing Art As a Service

–>Who: Brett Bloom and Marc Fischer, founders of …
–> What: …Temporary Services, which strives to turn art into a widely accessible tool for engagement and empowerment through public projects and collaborations with artists.
–> How: Listen to this BenPR interview and learn more about Temporary Services.