Where would we be without the dreamers? Those brave few whose hearts and minds create a vision for what lies ahead. Those with the gift of articulating the path before us with passion and resolve so compelling, we are convinced to forego the world before our eyes in tireless pursuit of that which is yet to be.

But we find ourselves in unprecedented times. Times where dreams and visions aren’t enough to fix things. Never before have so many of the world’s problems been so visible, or so solvable. As the pace of life increases, so does our need to find purpose therein and to connect with those whom we share more than geographic common ground.

So enters the era of the New Empire Builders, those prepared and committed to doing the work of moving the world forward. Men and women who believe we should spend less time talking about problems and more time going about the work of solving them. They find beauty in the unrelenting challenge of shifting the way the world works. And they are completely convinced they will do it.

We can all be New Empire Builders.