A Safe Diet After Delivery

At the time of breastfeeding, a healthy and balanced diet becomes very important. The foods you consume should consist of foods rich in carbohydrates such as rice, various vegetables and fruits, protein-containing foods, and milk.


Some types of foods recommended for breastfeeding mothers include:


In the diet of nursing mothers at least there are fruits or juices consumed twice a day. Choose oranges which are a source of vitamin C or blueberries that contain lots of vitamins and minerals.

Nuts and seeds

Especially select the dark color, like red beans, as a source of vegetable protein that is also rich in iron.

Brown rice

This type of rice can provide the calories needed by the body while supporting the production of good and quality milk.

Low fat dairy products

Which is a dairy products include yogurt and cheese. Milk contains protein, calcium, vitamin B and D which is important for baby’s bone growth. By drinking milk at least 600 cc per day, your calcium and baby needs will be fulfilled.

Lean meats

Iron content, protein and vitamin B12 in it can meet the energy needed by the mother during breastfeeding.


Rich in fat content of DHA is essential for the growth of the baby’s nervous system, as well as a good source of energy for the mother.


Eggs are one of the easiest sources of protein. You can boil, fry, mix in a salad or make scrambled eggs for your menu.

Whole wheat bread or cereal from whole grains

Folic acid, which is widely contained in wheat and whole grains, is an essential nutrient for milk production needs. These foods are also high in fiber and iron.

Green vegetable

The content of vitamin A, vitamin C, iron and calcium in it is very good for babies and nursing mothers. In addition, green vegetables are also rich in antioxidants and low in calories, so it is good for heart health.

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