APC SMT2200I Smart with 1980 Watt Line Interactive UPS

APC smt2200iAPC Smart UPS SMT2200I when off the lights when you’re online must be very frustrating, especially when we are at work and the results of our work have not had time to save. Naturally we will be confusion of having to start work from the beginning. It is unnecessary if we use UPS in the home or office.

What’s UPS?

Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS is a device that provides emergency power in the event of a power failure lights presumed dead. UPS is different in contrast to other systems such as emergency power generators; UPS only provide short-term power in the event of a power failure.

APC Smart UPS SMT2200I

One UPS can be your choice is the Smart APC Smart UPS SMT2200I from APC. Smart UPS XL 3000VA UPS can be used as non-standby and migrate to the standby system. Smart UPS 3000VA XL also provides power management of UPS by USB port.

With Boost and Trim Automatic Voltage Regulating (AVR), Smart UPS XL 3000VA provide higher application availability by correcting low and high voltage conditions without using the battery.

Intelligent battery management make this UPS is able to maximize the performance of the battery by charging precision. The use of AC power to protect is connected load from power surges, spikes, lightning and other power disturbances.

APC Smart UPS SMT2200I will restart automatically when power is restored. UPS also will warn you when the battery is not available to provide backup power.

APC also provides remote management at Smart UPS XL 3000VA over the network. You also do not need to worry in case of overload, because the Smart UPS XL 3000VA will give information to you with an alarm in case of overload or when the battery is low power

Smart-UPS RT is a family of high-performance UPS for servers, networking equipment, telecommunication systems, industrial and medical equipment, and other mission-critical applications. UPS Smart-UPS RT field-proven, industry-leading Smart-UPS, with features double conversion on-line topology, which provide tight voltage and frequency regulation, with 0 transfer time to and from the battery. In addition to offering advanced performance and high availability features, the Smart-UPS RT can be managed using Power Chute software, as well as various accessories Smart Slot. Smart-UPS RT provides battery backup for the load through the use of internal batteries. However, in an unlimited number of external battery packs can be added to meet the desired level at runtime. All Smart-UPS RTs and battery packs are packed in a tower configuration. Easily converted to a rack-mount mode 19 “with the addition of APC Rail Kit.

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Description APC Smart UPS SMT2200I Rack mounts UPS – Black

  • Model = UPS SUA3000RMI2U
  • Production country = United States
  • Weight (kg) = 44
  • Size (L x W x H cm) = 89 x 49 x 66
  • Color = Black
  • Main Material = aluminum

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