Digital Tax,The Possibility Of The Government To Recover 3 Billion

Digital Tax,The Possibility Of The Government To Recover 3 Billion

Digital tax, the possibility of the Government to recover 3 billion. And ‘from 2013 that speaks to tax the giants of the Web in countries where they make profits, but the slowness in deciding the EU urges Italy, particularly now that GDP increases less than expected further restricting the room for maneuver for reducing taxes on work and enterprise. Digital Italian tax, then, yes, but how Acting boobies indirect taxes, providing a kind of VAT or excise duty

More likely – this would be the orientation of the Government Renzi The Messenger – which acts on direct taxation.

The proposal provides for the introduction of a contrast to the phenomenon of stable rule occult organizations, identified through an ongoing presence of online activities, for a period not less than six months, so as to generate in the same period of payments flows in its favor, in measuring a total of not less than five million Euros.

Non-resident companies that exceed these thresholds, they would see applied a withholding of 25% tax on any digital transactions. The levy would be made at source by the banks receiving the transfer order to pay for the service or goods purchased online. Estimates show that a measure of this kind could lead to business for the tax authorities up to 3 billion euro a year. A not inconsiderable figure. The rule would be included in the budget package. (Andrea Bassi, The Messenger)

Wore make-up traffic lights and wore make-up tenders to place their devilish device, the T-Red, the streets of those towns of Italy, going in search of road safety offense after offense filled the coffers and emptied the pockets of motorists. Now, by the thousands, according to Codacons, will ask to cancel mult

This would be a way borrowed from the English tax. But other examples, according the difficulty of putting the IRS in step with technological advances, are in progress around the world. Giovanni Palumbo, industry expert, mentions the case of India A person who, during the year, making a payment over a certain threshold to a non-resident companies operating in the technology sector will hold the 6% on the gross amount that is paid by way of equity withdrawal […] the tax now accounts for a market, that of digital advertising, which is worth about a billion dollars, but, as he told the Indian Finance Minister, could be extended to ‘e-commerce, with a very different impact.

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