Frye Boots Women Harness 12R

womens-frye-harness-12r-bootsIn choosing Frye Boots Women Harness 12R should stand for high quality and function (not a model or brand simply) because the main function of which is to protect the safety shoe toe.

Choosing Frye Boots Women Harness 12R for Field Workers must pay attention to several things, in addition to budget (costs) and the design is no less important is the consideration of the working environment.

The following is brief information about how to choose safety shoes (Safety Shoes) according the work environment in the company:

  1. Iron and Steel Smelting plant:

Iron mill including work location is quite high risk. Wear safety shoes with models closing the ankle or tall boots. Choose shoes with a zipper safety because it is more resistant heat and hold sparks or molten steel.

If indoors high temperature (above 100 degrees Celsius), wear appropriate safety shoes standards which have provisions Heat Resistant caption (Heat Resistant) to 300˚ C.

  1. Construction project:

Wear safety shoes or middle Boot that covers the ankle. To avoid the spikes punctured it is advisable to add IRON PLATE on the soles of the feet (in soles).

  1. Ports and Airports:

This work sites associated with fuel, water, and other liquids Aftur. With the addition of SOL-resistant slippery. Can use short and medium safety shoes and can with string or strapless.

  1. Coal Mining and Petroleum:

Mining is one of the high-risk work environments (high risk environment) it would require specific safety shoes, high boots Model 24 to 28 cm (covering the ankle and calf).

Sol resistant (oil resistant sole) and made of PU (polyurethane) is used in oil mining earth. Sol rubber valve (DR Rubber soles) resistant to sharp objects used in coal mining and iron ore.

PU soles can also be added with the addition of a metal plate in the sol to avoid punctures nails or other sharp objects.

  1. Highway Paving Project:


Such projects usually take place within 3-6 months so still needed shoes safety with genuine leather and rubber sole.

Must choose a model without ropes or using zippers side, so that the shoes remain durable although exposed to liquid asphalt is still boiling. If wear safety shoes laced the part the rope will be easily broken and is less fuel-efficient when removing and wearing shoes.

  1. Cement factories and reinforced concrete:

Cement or concrete factory wear high boots safety shoes, in order to protect from spray dirty cement and other materials. Wear shoes with rubber soles safety valve.

  1. Chemical Plant:

For factories or places that contain hazardous chemicals, are required to wear shoes safety (safety shoes) to the specifications or ACID RESISTANT CHEMICAL RESISTANT. so users avoid the risk of disability from exposure to hazardous chemical spills. Your Can wear short or medium models, it is recommended that slip-on (without cord) to make it more efficient.

  1. Factory Food and Beverages:

Because of low risk work environment and generally occupied by dozens of employees. Enough wear safety shoes with SOL HOLD SLIPPERY. Because the work environment is likely to wet and slippery.

  1. Restaurant:

For the kitchen (kitchen) and restaurants we recommend wearing shoes safety shoes with SO  slippery or anti slip resistant. So that the user does not easily slip when exposed slippery kitchen floor oil. better wear safety shoes with short models with elastic side, making it more efficient. Likewise with the chef or cook / chef cooking restaurant, also wear safety shoes, Chef is preferred for slip resistance, because they work in a kitchen environment that usually wet or slippery due to oil etc.

  1. Plantation or Agricultural:

The work environment is also need it. Employee plantations require Shoes safety high boots that can protect it from thorns, mud and farm tools.

  1. Palm oil and sugar mills:

Mills and sugar mill requires safety shoes with soles RESISTANT OIL. Safety Wear shoes that fit the working field. Cleaning shoes after use will maintain the durability of the shoe. You can wear safety shoes with a model of short, medium and adjust the boot with your workplace. Try to wear safety shoes without laces, to facilitate use and release.

A typical employee in the company is often moving and moving, so take Frye Boots Women Harness 12R strapless short for convenience and lifting job. For the expedition we suggest wearing short boots without laces. To be able to survey officer wear short boots or shoes being the model according to taste. In general, they prefer a model that can be worn casual as well as casual labor.

Here is way how to care of Frye Boots Women Harness 12R

  1. Store the shoes made of rubber in a place not exposed to direct sunlight (not humid) because the sun will make the shoes become swollen.
  2. Clean the stained rubber boots before being inserted into the shoe rack. Wipe with a soft, dry cloth
  3. Avoid the use of rubber boots in the area of road steep or uneven.
  4. Do not accumulate when the shoe is put on the shelf, because the accumulation can change the shape of the rubber boots.

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