How To Eliminate Anxiety Without Taking Medication

High levels of stress can reduce a person’s life by up to a third. Do you know how to handle it?

The anxiety is the disease of the millenial . It seems that the technological era brought with it a series of evils among which fear is the most common problem among young people. Concern for the world, education, economy, war and information to which we have access. Everything that is within reach of our hands is the reason why our mind prevents us from concentrating properly; It is even the reason why different physical and mental disorders that can lead to death are unleashed.

According to a recent study by The Telegraph , high levels of anxiety can reduce a person’s life by up to a third. Stress is one of the main causes of heart problems, this causes the risks suffered by the heart and respiratory system increase and obviously levels of anxiety soar. Even though modernity has taught us that the solution to any problem is in medicines, the reality is that we can escape this nightmare naturally, doing a few activities and changing some of our habits.

Reduce anxiety and eliminate stress is possible from small actions that can improve our quality of life immediately.

1. Meditate

There are different relaxation and meditation exercises that range from simple Buddhist techniques to yoga routines. This technique against anxiety requires discipline and commitment; Through it, the thoughts diminish their quantity and speed, which brings a lot of calm. We can search routines on YouTube or Google to learn them and adapt them to our times; although it is advisable to take a few minutes a day to meditate as part of a habit that reduces anxiety.

2. Exercise

Anxiety causes insomnia because our body and mind are not tired enough to sleep peacefully. Exercising releases energy, in addition to serving as a channel to release any kind of tension. It is not necessary to spend hours in the gym, walking more frequently or running during the nights or mornings helps to calm the mind. The purpose of an exercise routine is to forget about the problems that overwhelm us through the best tool: our body.

3. Get away from the technology and start reading

According to some studies, Facebook has driven our generation to suffer greater anxiety, since the need to be in contact and in constant judgment through likes and shares, raises our levels of tension. Moving away from technology means detaching ourselves from a fictional world in which we are slowly sinking. Conversely, reading in our free time distracts us and opens our panorama.

4. Improve your diet

Caffeine, sugary and energy drinks have to leave our diet completely, at least at night-when the anxiety is usually greater. This type of consumables drives our anxiety and not only for its ingredients, but for its long-term effects; for example, weight gain. It is necessary to make a readjustment in the diet so that our system is optimized naturally, otherwise, we not only put our health at risk, but we increase our levels of anxiety and we get recommendation from omdimas.

5. Exploit your creativity

The positive effects of art as therapy have been studied numerous times; among these results it was found that exploiting our creativity works as an antidote against anxiety. The wonders of art seem endless, we can sit down to write, paint, draw, create music, make a sculpture or create a movie, just to express ourselves and free ourselves from that burden that makes our life an absolute nightmare. This is how great artists were liberated, for a moment, from big problems like depression or schizophrenia.

It is necessary to forget about medicines to stop thinking that it is the only thing that can help us, there is nothing better than a general change of habits to forget the stress that governs us. In fact, medicines – in the long run – endanger our health and also do not guarantee us to get rid of anxiety completely.

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