Unconscious Bad Habits Leads to More Severe Acne

Acne eradication is not easy. However, expensive facial care products alone will not work if the daily habits that cause acne is still done. Check out what bad habits should be stopped so that acne no longer appears.

Various customs cause acne more inflamed, which you may never realize

1. Touching face with dirty hands

In addition to the habit of touching the face with dirty hands, objects that stick to your face like a mobile phone, make-up tools, even sweat can trigger the growth of acne. Instead, clean the objects regularly so as not to become a nest of bacteria that can make your face more acne. acne causes

2. Dirty hair

Not everyone washes hair every day, so the dirt on the hair sticks to the face and causes acne, especially if your hair has bangs. If possible, wash your hair regularly and should avoid using hair products on the forehead area.

3. Too quickly give up with acne medication

Facial treatment to treat acne takes time before finally showing results. Usually it is not possible to change significantly within just a week, so do not immediately rush to replace the drug if it has not seen the effect. Acne treatment can take a month or more before the results are seen.

4. Too often wash your face or exfoliate (scrub)

Too often face wash can make skin irritation and more sensitive, because the face actually produces oil to moisturize and protect the face. Simply wash your face 2 times a day with water and soap in accordance with the condition of facial skin. If your face acne, avoid using facial scrubs that can even make irritation.

5. How to wash the face is less precise

If you wash your face with a towel or washcloth, pay attention to the cleanliness. Bacteria that exist on the towel will move into the face and even be the cause of acne. In addition, if you are too often exfoliate, the skin can become inflamed and damaged.

6. Often scraping and squeezing pimples

Better leave this habit. Pushing acne will not eliminate it, but instead cause damage and scar on the skin. Use the right treatment to reduce acne and minimize the incidence of scars.

7. Too much sugar consumption

According to one study, sugar content in foods such as white bread, cake, chocolate, and other sweet foods can cause acne. We recommend limiting the consumption of foods with high sugar content.


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